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With recent years increased focus on ever smarter and ever smaller systems for monitoring and control it has become even more difficult for companies to keep up with the development and on the same have an eye on the robustness of the system in terms of number of faults and how to handle such faults. CAP2 ApS offer consulting services within in a wide spectrum of leading edge technologies for embedded systems design to bridge the gap between current in-house technologies and customer demands thus ensuring a faster time to market and increased turnaround time. CAP2 ApS main consulting areas are within the following fields of expertise, but not limited to:

  • Hardware
    • Embedded System Design
    • Reliable System Design
    • Autonomous System Design

  • Software
    • Embedded Software Design
    • Fault Tolerant Software Design
    • Autonomous Operation Software Design

In extension of these services we also offer assistance with the actual implementation and integration of the aforementioned services into the customers product.

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