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The SenseNet measuring system is a general purpose distributed vibration monitoring system for seismic applications and measurements on medium to large scale structures providing the user with accurate acceleration, velocity and displacement values in a wide frequency range.

The backbone of the measurement system is the base station, which can either be connected to a client PC, a server or directly on your intranet or the internet. In order to ensure, that all measurements are obtained synchroniously a specialized GPS module can be attached to the base station.
To the base station a string of nodes can be attached. Since the data is sampled directly in each node the digital communication is carried by a standard Cat5e cable, which is typically used for ethernet connections.

Some selected datasheets

Updated and additional datasheets are available upon request More datasheets will be made available continuously. Should you have a request for a special kind of node, then feel free to send a request - we might already have such a sensor node available.

For further information, an on-site demonstration or a quote, then please feel free to contact us at:
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